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Kendra & Beth

I have for some time been enjoying the pictures by Magmaman  and his newest sequence Kendra and Beth and decided to try and write a story around the pictures. It is quite difficult to get something to fit in well around the pictures, but here is what I have come up with.

Picture 1

Since Beth had grown into a woman a couple of years ago Kendra her mother could not help but feel a little bit jealous of her daughters thin toned body. It made her think back to before she had Beth, when she too had a body that turned heads when she entered a room.  Over the years however it had been covered in an ever increasing layer of fat, until she was the plumper that she is today.

Things were clearly not helped by Beth's superior attitude and choice of attire around the house, she really loved to show off her perfect figure and Kendra had, had enough. She did not know how but she was determined to find a way to make Beth's slender figure a thing of the past.

"Look at this new outfit I got Mum, isn't it great and especially great on me."

"Yes dear, great." Replied a sombre Kendra.

Picture 2

The first thing that Kendra decided was to take her and Beth away on a little vacation to the mountains. Certainly not however for the hiking, no Kendra reasoned that no one ever watches what they eat when they are away on holiday, so it would be ideal to kick start Beth's new high fat, high calorie diet.

Picture 3

The fresh air of the countryside certainly started to get Beth's appetite going and Kendra made sure that food was in ready supply. They went out to plenty of restaurants and Kendra made sure that Beth always had desert to go with her main. By the end of the trip there was no obvious difference in Beth's weight but if she kept eating like she had for those two weeks no doubt they would start to appear soon enough.

"Mum are you sure we should be eating all this?"

"It's a holiday sweetie, if you can't indulge a bit on holiday when can you."

"Alright then, but its back to normal when we get home, right."

"Of course, of course." Kendra just thought no this is only the start.

Picture 4

Now it was years since Beth had last gone out trick or treating for Halloween, as she was clearly too old for such things now a days.  Kendra however suggested that it would be fun and even went out and brought a costume for her daughter to wear for the occasion. It still got to Kendra when she saw Beth in her bunny suit, she still had that figure and Beth certainly knew it.

"Are you sure it's alright for a couple of twenty year old to go out trick or treating."

"I am sure its fine you can always come back if it's too odd."

"I guess your right and it would be a shame not to show off this great costume now, wouldn't it?

Picture 5

The trip around the houses was a phenomenal success; Beth came back with a giant back brimming with candies. Anytime a man came to the door to greet her they could not help but lap up the beauty before them and distracted often gave her more than the young kids who came knocking.  Kendra was just left hoping that her daughter would not waste time in getting through all her new treats.

Picture 5.5

Kendra  tried to make sure she did plenty of things with her daughter looking for opportunities to get her to eat more, today she took her daughter for a shopping trip, while they were there they passed a Dunkin' Donuts.

"Hey Beth how about as a special treat we go in here and get something to eat."

"Are you sure that is a good idea mother, I mean look I can get away with it, but do you really think you should, just look at that belly."

"I know what, I'll just get a little something and you can finish it off."

"Now that sounds like a better idea."

Picture 6

It had been two months since Kendra had decided to fatten up her daughter and she was beginning to give up hope. Anything that Beth ate just seemed to melt off her because of her impressive metabolism. She however need not have worried, one day she came downstairs to find a slightly distressed looking Beth.

"Hey sweetie, what the matter?"

"Urm Mom, do you think I have put on weight? These jeans never used to be this tight."

"Do not worry about it, it's a couple of pounds tops, I am sure you will lose it again in no time."

Kendra was really thinking, it's really happening she is getting fat, by the time I've finished with her she remember now with fondness.

Picture 7

A few weeks later back at the mall they had been to last time Kendra suggested that they should go find somewhere to have lunch.

"You know Mom, maybe that is not such a good idea, all the food here is far too fatty and I want to lose those couple of pounds I've gained."

"Don't be silly a little something won't hurt."

"Okay then"

Picture 8

But when Beth got to the counter she just could not help herself and ordered a jumbo burger and onion rings and washed it all down with a chocolate milkshake. As they were leaving Kendra just could not help think at this rate her daughter would be a porker in no time, hey she had already taken to trying to cover her pot belly with her hand.

"Oh that was delicious, do you think it would be wrong to go and get a little desert as well?"

"There is never anything wrong with a bit of desert, here is a fiver get us something nice."

Picture 9

Kendra found it was getting easier and easier to get her daughter to eat, just this morning she had suggested they go to the food market in town. Since they got there Beth was constantly stopping off at stall to have a little bit of this or a little bit of that. It was obviously having an effect as well, looking down at her daughter bum; she could not help grinning that there was a lot more junk in that trunk. Just then she was interrupted by Beth moving off and shouting back at her mother,

"Mmmm, don't these cakes look nice can we get one please?"

"Sure, sweetie whatever you want, whatever you want."

"Thanks Mum, you're the best"

Picture 10

"Look Mum these chips are on special offer, we should stock up"

"Sure grab a few bags"

Kendra was finding special offers or not that the family food budget was ever increasing along with her daughters waistline. It was all worth it though her daughter was packing on the pounds and also being nicer to people.

Picture 11

It was one of the few trips out that did not revolve around food; mother and daughter took their cat out to have its injections. It was while they were waiting that Kendra looked across at Beth and thought, my god she must be about the same size as me. Maybe I should stop here, no what if she went on a diet now, no it safer to fatten her up a bit more first.

"You know what Beth I was thinking why don't we stop off at the McDonalds drive thru on the way home, it's almost lunch time anyway."

"Cool, I already know what I want."

Picture 12

"Mom are you sure that it is only a few pounds that I have put on, I mean just look at this belly and this butt."

"Well to be honest love, it may be a little bit more than a few now, but it really suits you."

"You think so; you mean that you don't think I need to go on a diet?"

"No, you're just fine the way you are"

"That good because I don't think I could face dieting, there is just too much good food to be eaten."

Picture 13

The old Beth would never have dreamed about going out in public in sweats and certainly not with a belly hanging out like the one she had acquired recently. The new one would however especially if it was to get a snack at her favourite cafe like she was now. The cakes and pastries in this place are simply divine and Beth struggles not to pop in every day just for a little something.

Picture 14

On this occasion her mother is shouting so Beth treats herself to both a slab of chocolate pie and later goes back to the counter for a large Danish, to go with her frap. Kendra just looks on as her daughter gets excited about the treats before her and thinks how well she is filling out her new sweat suit already.

Picture 15

"Hey sweetie, what the matter?"

"Umm a guy in the supermarket today as I was shopping, he was trying to get past me and he, err he, said get your fat ass out the way. I am not that fat am I Mom?"

"No dear, you're just curvy, he was obviously just an idiot, don't worry about it."

Picture 16

Kendra could not help but think Beth is looking huge in that new dress she had brought for a party she went to with some friends. A couple of hours after Beth had left for the party Kendra got a call from her daughter asking if she could pick her up. In the car on the way home Kendra asked.

"Why are you coming home so early? And why are you so glum?"

"My so called friends from the moment I arrived started teasing me about my weight gain and I just had to get out of there."

"There not real friends, no real friend would do something like that, I know wha,t why don't we stop off and get an ice cream on the way home, I know that will cheer you up."

"Thanks Mum, that sounds good."

Picture 17

"Where have you been Beth?"

"I decided it was about time I started to get into shape again, so I went to the gym; I never knew exercise could be such hard work. Mum I know I have put on a lot of weight recently, but do you think it is too much?"

"No dear your fine just the way you are, what is that you've got down your sweats?"

"Oh that, I had a few doughnuts on the way home and the goo in the middle of one of them squirted out all over me."

"Well why don't you take it off then so I can put it in the wash for you, we would not want it to leave a stain."

Picture 18

As Beth took off her sweat suit Kendra could not help but marvel in the transformation in her daughter's appearance in the last year. Her arms were thicker, her legs chunkier, her butt wider, there was her double chin and then that big belly. With Beth's belly on view Kendra could not help but give it a little touch. Wow just look at that belly it is so soft and squishy, she thought as she gave it a little squeeze. Then she realised she was making Beth uncomfortable so pulled away her hand and went to collect Beth's clothes up off the floor.

"Hey, how about I fix you up some pancakes dear, while you go and get changed."

"Mmmm that sounds great, can we have ice cream with them?"

"Of course, you know I can't say no to you."
A story based around a picture sequence by :iconmagmaman:
mr-monopoly Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Great job. You really captured the characters and their expressions in the images.
magmaman Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
AWESOME! I loved it! Very nice to see anyone using my works, it's a great compliment!
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